Complete Rainwater Harvesting Systems

We don't cut corners. No matter how hard or uneven the ground, no matter how difficult the application, we won't stop until our clientele is happy and satisfied. Our love of detail has gained us the respect of not only customers but also industry professionals.

Filtration Systems

We utilize only the best. Over the years we have installed and serviced many different varieties and have settled on the best quality. Whether Ultra-violet (UV), big Blue or rainwater basket filters, we have a system that has you - our client - in mind, so maintenance is a breeze.

Gutters, Pipes & Outlets...

It all starts on the roof where rainwater together with needles, leaves, insects and just plain old dirt is being collected. It then runs into the gutters which lead the water via pipes into a collection system.


Leaf & Needle Collection System

If properly installed & maintained, a leaf & debris collection system can filter out the majority of “stuff” that gets collected on the roof. We make sure it is easily accessible, so periodic clean out is easily done.

Finer dirt can be caught here...

When the rain comes via the gutters, leaf collector and then pipes into the cistern, fine dirt particles can be filtered out before they get into the cistern. With 2 filter baskets and somewhat tight fit can be made, so the filter stays in place even with wind and excessive rain.


Next Steps...

For multiple filters (wholesale purchases) please contact us . On Gabriola Island, you may also purchase rainwater basket filters at Arbutus Building Supplies (Home Hardware).